PA area of expertise and main interest is the behavioural ecology of marine fishes and its application to the management and conservation of marine resources. He leads research that develops novel approaches to identify and incorporate essential fish habitat (e.g. pupping, mating or feeding grounds) in the optimal design of coastal, deep sea and pelagic Marine Protected Area networks, a key issue in marine spatial planning. Coordinates the joint MPA task force with the Azorean Regional Administration and integrate(d) various international (EU FP6/FP7/H2020) projects on marine biodiversity, MPA effects and fisheries impacts mitigation. Member of international specialist groups for conservation of species (IUCN) and habitats (OSPAR). PA extensively used acoustic and satellite telemetry techniques to look at the movements and habitat use of commercial fishes and apex predators across different habitats (from coastal reefs to seamount ridges) and geographic regions, and conducts technical development (testing and designing new tags and sensors, robotics) together with international research partners (including German) and world leading manufacturers. PA coordinates the IMAR Biotelemetry Group, the NE Atlantic (Europe) section of the global Ocean Tracking Network, and the emerging European Tracking Network (ETN). He participated and served as chief scientist in numerous scientific cruises (Azores, Hawai’i, Seychelles, Reunion) and published over 50 ISI papers.