Jorge is a post doctorate researcher at the IMAR centre at the University of the Azores and is main area of interest is marine ecology, namely fish recruitment, early life history and connectivity, movement patterns of reef and migratory fish, reef fish community and marine protected areas was well as marine robotics and technology applied to marine ecology research. He have been working with a number of international partners in all my fields of interest. He have been in the team of multiple large european research consortiums financed by the EU (Grex-FP6 and Morph-FP7) over the past 10 years where I contribute as end user, organize and host field work and demonstrations, process scientific information (habitat characterization, biological communities etc.).  He is currently involved in several H2020 projects and one EEA grants Project designed to produce a light and low cost Deep sea (3000m) autonomous vehicle, MEDUSA-DS. I have a decade of experience working with engineers from multiple countries and background, in projects ranging from marine animal tagging and telemetry tools to marine robotics and environmental characterization. He has published more than 35 publications in international pear reviewed journals, including Nature communications.